The Business

Resource Consent Specialists

Feathers Planning is a niche planning business with a focus on efficiently and successfully taking you through any resource management process.  We supply resource management (aka town planning) services, and work with select professionals in the industry to pull together a team that is tailored for your project.  There is no project too big or too small.

Our key focus is the expert preparation of resource consent applications & the acquisition of resource consent approval.  Our goal is to do this in a timely & cost effective manner.

Essentially it is our role to prepare and present an application to Council that gives you the best chance of success, foresee and eliminate future town planning issues and to ensure conditions on consent are practical and reasonable.

Resource consents are the link between the conceptual stage of a project and the physical, benefit generating reality.  It is that legal document that can increase the value and marketability of your project/property, to let you move to building your dream home, or the ability to get your business up and running.

Although we specialise in all planning related services we have the skillset to assist with any policy related work, including but not limited to District Plan reviews and submissions.

resource consent specialists