Galway Street

Hayes Paddock

Hayes Paddock  is one of Hamilton City’s unique and characteristic areas which is a heritage area under the District Plan.  Most alterations or amendments to the old state houses in that area require resource consent – if the visual character of the houses (and fences in some instances) are being altered.  This project on Galway Street, where we secured consent for the owners, shows how renovations can be done to improve a family’s living space, but maintain the character that makes the area so special.


Business in a residential zone.

We learn about so many different businesses in our work – this project commenced with the ‘out of the box’ funeral services activity,  it had heritage thrown in the mix along with location in a residential zone.  This was also a project where team work (primarily Ana-Maria’s effective communication), meant that the neighbour’s all provided written approvals and we avoided any notification process.


Earthquake Strengthening Work

Consent is needed when undertaking visible earthquake strengthening work on a heritage building – as was the case with the St Andrews Presbyterian Church on the corner of River Road and Te Aroha Street.  They are a long term client of ours and we have helped with a number of projects requiring consent.


London Street, Hamilton

A challenging consent to gain based on the buildings Heritage status, but the old and much loved Methodist formerly of London Street makes its way to its new location in Te Kowhai to begin its new life as a Cafe.


Catholic Diocese of Hamilton

A contentious and challenging application was prepared and submitted by Feathers Planning for resource consent on behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Hamilton. After public notification and a Commissioner run hearing, resource consent has been issued for site redevelopment. The resource consent was appealed however approval was upheld by Environment Court.


Project Grantham, Grantham Street, Hamilton

A comprehensive suite of resource consents were obtained for this developer, including land use consent to relocate a heritage building (the Hamilton Club), subdivision consent to allow the Hamilton Club to sit on it’s own Certificate of Title and land use consent to erect a 4 story building comprising office, boutique retail, restaurant and function facilities. The development includes construction of a public piazza which bleeds into the adjoining river walkway and reserve. Resource consents were obtained on a non-notified basis and under delegated authority. Project completed.


Methodist Church - Hamilton East

There are two inevitable occurrences that we have come to realise in planning: One, projects involving old buildings are controversial and; two, modern architectural forms will evoke strong emotion from communities. Despite bringing these two together on a visible corner site in Hamilton East for a redevelopment project for a local parish, we successfully had the project consented without notification.


St Marys Chapel Conservation Project

Feathers Planning  is proud to be a part of the larger team involved in the St Mary’s Chapel Conservation Project. They are currently working on the structural earthquake strengthening and external conservation work on the chapel.


The Kirk Cafe

A great use of space and a very useful addition to the St Andrews Presbytery on Te Aroha Street. This busy cafe was the idea of the Church to benefit the wider community and to provide a place for ‘Cafe Church’ (informal and exploratory sessions) in the future.


Jellicoe Street Renovations

Visible changes to buildings in the Hayes Paddock Special Heritage Area have to comply with set rules in order to maintain the asthetics of the area.    This project maintains the character feel of the area with the house frontage, but has a new and very modern addition not visible from the street.

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