North Ridge


It’s hard to pinpoint one area in particular in this series of subdivisions north east of the city.   We have gained the consents for a number of the developments around this area and as the growth out this side of town expands, it’s hard to believe now that this area was once productive farmland.

Evolve Developments

Victoria Street apartments

A streamlined and timely consenting process was experienced for this project – Council were practical and pragmatic in their advice and processing, given the busy transportation network immediately abutting the site.  These apartments are designed to mitigate potential effects of the busy road  providing a high quality living environment in a very accessible location.

Clarkin Road


A prime example of how to develop good looking duplexes that fit in with the character of the area.  This development failed a few rules and was tricky given the vertical roading alignment. but the finished product was so good that Council planning staff had a private tour through.

Galway Street

Hayes Paddock

Hayes Paddock  is one of Hamilton City’s unique and characteristic areas which is a heritage area under the District Plan.  Most alterations or amendments to the old state houses in that area require resource consent – if the visual character of the houses (and fences in some instances) are being altered.  This project on Galway Street, where we secured consent for the owners, shows how renovations can be done to improve a family’s living space, but maintain the character that makes the area so special.


Residential and community facility

This project required specialist input and a few tweaks by the project team to ensure all potential effects were mitigated.  Located in Temple View, this project also had a community aspect as it was designed to assist young people to transition from the family home to independent living, while staying within the Temple View locality.


Architecturally designed new build

High end residential, incredible views, ecological enhancement and award-winning architects – these are the projects we get really excited about.


Adding a garage to site

Here is an example of how we can add value to your property – this garage in the front yard failed a few rules, but practicality won at the end of the day.


Duplex and Subdivison

Another quality infill development by one of our favourite clients.


New Apartments

Another quality infill development in a residential area.


Mixed Residential Development

Stage 1 of the new residential development is underway.


Inner City Apartments

A revamp of Malborough House from one of our favourite clients  – providing two high end apartments and Madame Woo restaurant at the front of the building


Mixed Residential Development

Moving an established house in a popular area can always prove tricky, but this new development of duplexes and a stand alone house really worked on keeping residential character and amenity and that nice neighbourhood feel.


New Architecturally Designed Build

Working with Edwards White Architects consent was gained being mindful of size, floor area and maximum use of space in an established residential neighbourhood.


Renovations to existing house

We work on all size projects – even for renovations or changes to existing dwellings where a non-compliance is triggered.


Joffre Street

Quality modern additions to an inner city address.


Oakview Apartments

Dubbed as ‘one of the best’ by Hamilton City Council, these 26 apartments span 5 sections – the ultimate in inner city regeneration. The design cleverly provides for social interaction and a sense of neighbourhood, provides visual interest and encourages a more sustainable use of urban land. Resource Consent was obtained for both Land Use and Unit Title subdivision. Completion is due this year.


Inner City Apartments

Not far from completion, these modern and appealing new apartments located only walking distance to the CBD, Wintec, Lake and Waikato River will be highly sought after, with people realising the benefits of central city living.


Pembroke Street Apartments

Architecturally designed apartments close to the City and the Hospital, add to the street appeal of the inner city area.   Not only handy to all amenities for the new owners, but with a lake view also.


Grey Street Apartments

Architecturally designed and quality built apartments that look great – even after having to deal with a tricky narrow site with topographical constraints.


Charlemont Street

Inner city apartment living is gaining in popularity.  It is refreshing to see new and quality apartments going up in areas that can accommodate the higher density living without sacrificing the look and feel of an area.


Forest Lake Road - Duplex Development

Adding new and quality duplex developments to areas that can accommodate the higher density living without sacrificing the asthetics of the area.


Gatland Apartments, Seddon Road.

Land Use and Unit Title consents were obtained for the Gatland’s 4 apartment development across two inner city sites. The design of the new building has cleverly incorporated modern design with building form reminiscent of times past to assist the assimilation of the apartments into the existing neighbourhood. Currently being constructed.


Jellicoe Street Renovations

Visible changes to buildings in the Hayes Paddock Special Heritage Area have to comply with set rules in order to maintain the asthetics of the area.    This project maintains the character feel of the area with the house frontage, but has a new and very modern addition not visible from the street.

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